Red Dead Redemption 2017 Launched Images (Get Online)

Red Dead Redemption 2017 Launched Images, Finally, once again, a life of Red Dead Redemption 2. And I am already happy. It seems quite a lot of revolutions to turn what I personally like. Robing a bench and holding a train, I’m blocked. Above all, to ride alone in this beautiful landscape … This looks something like a genial. Above all, there is hardly another developer who builds ever so beautiful open worlds. I also like this mountainous snow covered, which you can see very often in the trailer. And Morgan also seems to have found his main actor.

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Red Dead Redemption 2017 Launched Images

At least it seems to me as if he is the pivot of the game. Will you be able to play other characters like GTA V? Although the trailer shows that we are on the road, but a real indication that someone can control someone else I have not seen. But especially with this kind of cinematic trailer is not equally obvious. Seriously, I’m just glad to have finally seen something from the game and will watch the trailer a few more times. And dreaming of riding through the prairie.

Red Dead Redemption 2017 Launched Images

Rockstar delivers once again and lamented the editorial staff because of course everyone wants to watch the new trailer. Multiple times. Again and again. Red Dead Redemption 2 promises to become a multi-faceted Western that contains all the ingredients you’d expect from Rockstar titles: complex characters, a great gameplay and plenty of free space to spend several weeks in this alternative version of the American frontier. Snowy areas, marsh, prairie .. there is no lack of variety.


I’m not sure, however, whether the game will exclusively be the one in the trailer prominently placed Mr. Tomorrow or it has to deal with a whole group of lawless. The question is: where is John Marston? Are you going to cancel your return for a later date, or have we been lured to a wrong track? At least we have the confirmation that Dutch van der Linde, Marstons former co-leader and later archenemy from the first part, will appear in the game.

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A real board is waiting for us. Like its predecessor, Red Dead Redemption 2 could also set standards in light mood and atmosphere. A Xbox One X I will get to me but (probably) not.

This is what Matze says:

Yes, I imagine I am the pillory myself, I’m not too big a fan of the Wild West scenario. Still, I must let the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 benefit that the production is just too cinematic. Hollywood could hardly have done the job better. And so it makes me happy for all fans, that they expect a real Bombast title, whenever he likes. Because, contrary to my firm conviction, Rockstar still has not named a specific date, although the Wild West title was supposed to be on the shelves at the end of this year. Even the spring of 2018 is in the not too distant future. In my opinion, Rockstar is suspicious in this regard.


Graphically, we get a really real and astringent America, whose sense of freedom you can almost taste. In contrast to Hoppi, I find it exciting that John Marston’s fate is just in the shade. The very prominent Arthur Morgan in the trailer has the thing to a worthy detachment, should not yet a surprise comeback on the agenda. One does not have to continue every story to death. But one thing I ask myself is: Is there only one main character or may we still switch to GTA V?

This is what Sascha says:

Sure, I’m bock on Red Dead Redemption 2, but the Hype-Train still has to wait for me. This does not change the chic new trailer. Especially as he raises more questions than he answers: Is the represented Mister Morgan the main figure or, like in GTA V, several characters the main roles? Finally, other figures, including a very young man and a talented woman, are presented. Away from the story snippets, there are of course still creaks and explosions – who would have thought? If the graphics are similar to the trailer, we should expect a very smart Wild West.

How did you like the trailer? Would you like to learn more about the game?

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